AHMA Home Improvement Industry Confidence IndexSM

The AHMA Home Improvement Industry Confidence Index is a monthly indicator of the economic health and “mood” of the industry based on a survey of AHMA members. This new Index is much the same as the Consumer Confidence Index for the general population, or surveys such as the Home Builders’ Confidence Index for other segments of our industry.

The survey asks three basic questions of AHMA members: How are current sales compared to one year ago, how do you see sales levels six months from now, and how do you see sales one year from now. The survey also asks questions related to total annual sales and types of products manufactured.

The data collected from the survey produces two Indexes indicating:

  1. Current Situation
  2. Future Expectations

Both Indexes use survey data from October 2008 as the base reference point so that October 2008 = 100.

The Indexes reflect current sentiment and forward-looking expectations, which are comparable on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis.

In addition to generating the Current Situation and Future Expectations Indexes, the monthly survey also allows for more specific confidence Indexes to be produced by size of company and product category.

Results of the survey are published the first Wednesday of every month on www.ahma.org, in The Hard Fax weekly news publication, in the eAGLE newsletter, and via press releases.

The Home Improvement Industry Confidence Index is a service mark of the American Hardware Manufacturers Association.

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