Data Pool Information

AHMA is happy to provide information to you relative to the "Data Pools" and their status.

The GDSN Interoperability Certification began on Oct. 29, 2004 and was conducted by The Drummond Group Inc. (DGI).  For a data pool to be successful in the certification process, they had to demonstrate full interoperability with all other participating data pools and the GS1 Global Registry using DGI's Interoperability Compliance Process®.  Data pools were measured against a set of development standards established by the GS1 GDSN Task Group as well as test plans and criteria defined by DGI.

The initial group of data pools that have successfully completed the GDSN Interoperability Certification along with the GS1 Global Registry.  More data pools are going through the certification process as we move forward.  Click Here to see the current list of certified data pools.

As a member of the Hardlines Industry, you should also ask whether or not your data pool supports the hardlines extension attributes, as not all data pools are currently required to do so.

The GDSN will connect participating manufacturers' and retailers' data pools via a centralized global registry, called the GS1 Global Registry™, allowing trading partners to exchange information on a near-real-time basis.  The GDSN contains standard attributes common to all products.

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